Why Pest Clear World

Full Service Capabilities

Doing Business with a full service company allows you to reduce suppliers and ensure effective pest control solutions for your business or home. We have dedicated line of business managers to help support our customers and field colleagues by providing technical expertise.

An ISO 9001-2008 certified Company
  1. Meet customer requirements
  2. Improve company and product quality
  3. Increase customer satisfaction with your products
  4. Document, understand, and communicate your company processes
  5. Develop a professional culture and better employee morale
  6. Improve the consistency of your operations
  7. Keep management and employees focussed on quality
  8. Improve efficiency, reduce waste and save money; and
  9. Achieve international quality recognition.
  10. ISO certification ensures to:
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) approved

Chemicals use by are HACCP approved. HACCP is an internationally recognized system used to enhance food safety throughout the food chain. More and more companies around the world are using HACCP to prevent, reduce or eliminate potential food safety hazards, including those caused by cross-contamination.

Eco Friendly Products

We always try to solve the problem without use of the chemicals first.


Our Products and services offering have been setting new standards in pest products and services innovation.

Skilled Technicians

Our Technicians gets time to time training for new products and services from the leading players in pest products like Bayer. Average technician Tenure of 5 or more years ensure that you have the technical competency to protect your most valuable assets- your facility, People and Brand.