While rodents are often thought of as just mice and rats, the more than 2000 species in this order encompass a staggering diversity of form and behavior.

Rodents are found on all continents except Antarctica, and in all habitats (from arid deserts to arctic tundra), except the ocean. They hop, jump, scurry, and glide their way through these habitats, and forage on seeds, grasses, bark, insects, fish and sometimes scorpions.

Control of these potential pests requires a well designed plan that is executed on a consistent basis. The formation of a systematic plan for managing rodents in subsurface drip irrigated fields requires research into the predominant species in your region and rules regulating how these populations may be managed.

RodeFix Service Includes:
  1. Inspecting Premises to provide an audit on the nature and extent of infestation.
  2. A comprehensive Service Plan, keeping contamination and safety in mind for baiting and trapping.
  3. Application of the latest management materials manufactured by Pest Clear World
  4. Periodic replacement of baits and resetting of traps.
  5. Competent technical supervision and monitoring.
  6. An action Plan for sanitation and proofing to prevent reinfestation