Pest Control for Homes

The Pesticides that PCW team uses in your Homes for the treatments are highly effective and not harmful to human beings.

We make sure that all the products we use are eco friendly and odorless products, so there is no need for you to leave your house during the treatment

We first carry out a complete assessment of your home. After identification of pests and the problem areas, we design an appropriate treatment and prevention plan to keep your home pest free.

Once the assessment is done, information of the breeding areas and entry points of pests is provided, so that such infestation can be prevented.

We at times tend to seal or cover certain areas, or place appropriate traps for rodents, cockroaches and flies as needed.

We also take periodic feedback from customers about the effectiveness of the treatment and residual problems, if any, are addressed appropriately

Pest Clear World offers Gold, Silver & Bronze Pest Control plan that provides you comprehensive defense from the most common house-hold pests.

Review the plans below and call today for a FREE Estimate - We look forward to keeping your family pest free throughout the year.