Car Pest Control Service

Clean the interior parts of your car. You should vacuum and clean the interior of your car, including the trunk at regular basis.

If you do not have a good vacuum, you can go to a local gas station and ask if they have such facilities. This process can get rid of the existing insects and bugs, such as fleas, lice, ants, bed bugs, and roaches.

Clean the exterior parts of your vehicle. You should also clean the hood opening, the windshield area, and the trunk opening, since these areas can collect dirt, dust, and grime.

You must also remember to clean the areas around the doors. This will get rid of ants, spiders, or roaches. In addition, it cleans any debris that might serve as a hiding place or breeding areas for these unwanted passengers.

Professional Pest Control Approach Cockroaches and Ants
- No spray in the car
- Gel treatment only
- If required roach traps